Countdown to Pearl: Indecision to Infamy

Countdown to Pearl: Indecision to Infamy describes in detail how Japan reached its decision to attack Pearl Harbor 75 years ago this coming Dec. 7.

The amazing story behind the attack, relying on translated transcripts recently made available to academicians, of the highest-level meetings of the Japanese leadership, including Emperor Hirohito, is one of a highly dysfunctional government that lacked one single person to stand up and say “no” to attacking the United States.

Once the most minor of acts was set in motion, it was as if any attempt at reason was rejected as out of hand. And, all that with the full knowledge, to a man, that any attack on the US would mean Japan’s defeat, possibly even annihilation.

If the stakes were not so high, the number of lives put in peril, Japan’s dysfunction would have been the subject of a Gilbert & Sullivan comedy.

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